About us

About us

PH FARMA pharmaceuticals and cosmetics co. started its journey in 1993 with the manufacture of 11 products, is now the manufacturer of more than 1200 products.

Established in 1993, PH FARMA PHARMACEUTICALS AND COSMETICS, is manufacturer of 1200 products today. The success of our, ‘people focused, people owned’ business, lies in the extensive knowledge we gathered about this industry and countless research/development processes we have run throughout the years.

At PH FARMA, as we work on developing products to improve the quality of lives of our customers; we are fueled by our belief in our ability to change people’s lives by increasing their happiness and success everyday through our products. Besides the established brands under its own entity, PH FARMA also produces for many ‘private labels’ of reputed companies in Turkey and in the world by ISO 9001 and GMP standards.

As PH FARMA, with our twenty years of experience, we continue to produce goods which help us grow. We continue to develop new products that improve the quality of lives of our customers, and continue to serve our partners and customers with these products.

Our Expertise

PH FARMA is not only an expert of production by high standards. Having been in the industry for 20 years, the true expertise of PH FARMA has become the understanding of client’s demands and satisfying them to the fullest. This expertise is not obtainable by theory-based techniques such as reading or information gathering. It is a result of being prominently active in this field, a result of years of development; honest and close bond we have had with our customers and our innovative approach.

We established our expertise on four main principles; (Following four main principles is the backbone of our expertise;)

1. Understanding the customer needs fully.

2. Maintaining our innovative approach at all times

3. Keeping our production process and raw material databases up to date and at the level of international standards.

4. Working with a team of developers and engineers who have proved their expertise in their own area.

These four principles have become the strategy of the success of PHFARMA. Moreover, it is the reason behind the joy of our users in their homes and offices while using our products.



Serving innovative, satisfactory, healthy, environment-friendly products with the guidance of updated and scientific solutions

Our most important priority is to exceed the expectations of our (business) partners.

We strive to be an emblem of trustworthiness, continuity and prestige through our success with the work we do in Turkey and in the world.

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