Private Label Stages

With its 28 years of knowledge and experience on the industry, PH Farma manufacturing more than 1200 products in 19 categories since 1993 stands by its bussiness partner. all begins with receiving the product details that our bussiness partners demanding to be manufactured. The journey of the product starts in the end of the first meeting in which an assessment is made and all information collected about product category, intended use, recources, package choice and expectations for design.

After the meeting, a project road map is drawn after all information gathered from our bussiness partner. Preliminary preparation about product file is done while the product formulation is designed and its sample is studied in r&d. Product declarations, tests, production deadlines and some information about other procedures are placed in the preperation file. Furthermore, the design team gets prepared fort he next meeting towards the information gathered. PH Farma aims to please its bussiness partners by providing products and services in universal quality and standarts. The first priority for us from the very first moment amongst our targets is to take our partners to beyond of their expectations.

the products in PH Farma r&d are developed with the principle of “special solutions to special issues” Each product developed is an expert in its own field and each have a story. One of the priorities amongst our targets while products are designed in r&d is to present innovative, result-oriented, healthy and environmentalist products in the light of scientific solutions. A Project does not materialized unless it contains innovation.

The most suitable package for the product is chosen with our partners and suitability tests are made. Bottle; Glass, PE, PP, PET, Airless Valve; Screwed, Fliptop, Fastening cover Tube; PE, PP, Lamine Jar; Glass, Acrylic, PE, PP and others Dosing Pump; Perfume, Gel, Foam, Cream Sticker, Box, Parcel; OPP, Glossy Paper, American Bristol, Kraft, Fancy Paper, Slive Baskı; CMYK, Pantone, Foil, Hot Stamping, Cold Stamping, Plastering, Lacquer, Position Lacquer, Embossing, Silk Screen, Pad printing

PH Farma’s proffesional Graphic Design department in its own structure, provides top level solutions to its bussiness partners thanks to its experience in more than 1000 product designs and its works completed with achievement.

Thoroughness of PH Farma starts from early beginning phase and continues until production is completed. Ürünler için yaptığımız testler, emniyetli ve güvenilir bir ürün geliştirmede ve ürünün, piyasaya sürüldükten sonra ve kullanıcı tarafından ürün kullanımı tamamlanıncaya kadar dahi güvenle kullanılması ve kullanıcı memnuniyetinin sağlanması açısından ve markanızın güvenilirliğini korumada son derece önemli bir araçtır. Tests and Checks for Completed Products Product Microbiology Test Challenge Test Product Stability Test Product Stress Test Dermatological Tests Free Tests (Aluminum, Paraben, Ammonia, Resorcinol, PPD, etc)

PH Farma provides service and perform manufacturing in GMP standarts for its bussiness partners What Is GMP? GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) / GMP is a set of rules that is to be obeyed to keep the product safe and effective, starting from raw material and package kit of a product to the time product delivered. The target at GMP is to provide the continuity of quality with zero fault. GMP; Since GMP is a set of practices like quality management, personnel, facility and equipment, documentation, production, quality control, contract manufacturing, complaints, withdrawing products and internal auditing, providing continious quality is secured.


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