Thanks to the experience of years in the manufacturing field, we know very well that all the process we will encounter during the production like the things to be done, the production should be built in best standarts. We have various international certificates of quality which reflect our expertise of years in this field.
Analyze well the needs of customers, embrace an innovative and up to date approach in any condition, keep raw material and manufacturing processes data base up to date and at an international standarts, work with successful engineers and r&d personnel who proved their success through their works.
With our deep rooted history, we have been manufacturing quality products both for ours and world famous brands.

On which industries does PH Farma do manufacturing ?

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Cosmetic Companies

  • Hotel Groups

  • Promotional Companies

  • Network Marketing Companies

What is Private Label?


the simplest definition of contract manufacturing is a contract signed between two companies for manufacturing, in accordance with one company orders while the other one produces the ordered product. Contract manufacturing is a process developing towards a specific plan. You can have more details about it on page of Stages of Contract Manufacturing ( private production )

What are the advantages of private label products?


– You do not have to follow production stages.
– You do not have to apply for / follow official approval or tests.
– The company that like to sell product does not need to have a production facility thanks to the contract manufacturing.

– The company that would like to sell product does not need to have experience in manufacturing
– If it is considered that production and r&d ( research and development) are complicated processes, all these will be managed by the producer company so that the demanding company will be kept away from the complexity of these processes.
– Contractors will focus on their own expertise so they can reveal a cooperation.

– The demanding company do not have to contact with the suppliers who are essential for production.

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